Treatment and Prevention for Giardiasis Disease

Giardiasis or ‘Beaver fever’ causes diarrheal infection of the small intestine. The protozoa Giardia lamblia or

G. intestinalis

cause the disease. It is a common water-borne diarrhea outbreaks. The disease spreads through contaminated food and water. The disease can be prevented by taking care of personal hygiene and can be treated by using some antibiotics.

The disease occurs worldwide. It is estimated that nearly 20% of world’s population is infected with Giardia disease. People travelling to developing countries mostly get infected by Giardiasis. Giardia is infective in its trophozoite stage and exist in an inactive stage of cyst.

Giardiasis Treatment:

Following medicines are found to be effective in treatment of Giardiasis –

  • Metronidazole
  • Tinidazole
  • Nitazoxanide


alternative treatments

also proved to be effective –

  • Paramomycin
  • Furazolidone
  • Quinacrine
  • Albendazole
  • Mebendazole

Bed rest is advised to the infected person.
Medical practitioner help is always advised to treat the disease or change in treatment plans. Identification of the parasite Giardia in stool needs special laboratory tests. As it is not routinely done, a doctor has to specifically ask for the test of Giardia. More than one stool sample would be needed to diagnose the protozooan parasite.

Giardiasis Prevention:

  • Avoid contaminated water and food.
  • Boiled water should be used for drinking purposes.
  • Avoid foods washed in contaminated water and wash fruits n vegetables thoroughly in clean water prior to eating.
  • Travelers should drink bottled water in foreign countries.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap before eating, after using washrooms and after changing a baby’s diapers.

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