What are the Treatments and Preventions of Cyclosporiasis?

Cyclosporiasis is a parasitic disease caused by a protozoa Cyclospora cayetensis. This parasite is transmitted by drinking contaminated water and ingestion of food. These might be infected by fecal matter. The infection can lead to severe diarrhea. The disease can be treated with some antibiotics. Some of the Cyclosporiasis cases are asymptomatic while others can be severe. Untreated cases can suffer relapse of the disease.

The disease is also called ‘traveler’s diarrhea’ as it is mostly confined to adult foreigners who visit endemic regions and get infected. The species is placed in the genus Cyclospora as it has a spherical shape of its sporocysts. For infecting other people, the parasite has to pass through the stool of an infected person. There was an outbreak of Cyclosporiasis in 1996 in the US which was caused by infected imported raspberries.

Cyclosporiasis Treatment:

Following are some of the treatments of Cyclosporiasis disease –

  • Bactrim
  • Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole
  • Septra
  • Cotrim
  • plenty of fluids should be taken as body suffers dehydration.
  • Complete rest is always advised during the treatment of disease.
  • Medical practitioner help is always advised to treat the disease or change in treatment plans. Identification of the parasite Cyclospora in stool needs special laboratory tests. As it is not routinely done, a doctor has to specifically ask for the test of Cyclospora. More than one stool sample would be needed to diagnose Cyclospora.

Cyclosporiasis Prevention:

  • Based on present information about the spread of disease, following precautions should be kept in mind to prevent the disease –
  • Avoid contaminated food and water
  • Fruits and vegetables should be washed properly before eating.
  • Infected person should wash their hands often to avoid spread the infection.

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