How To Set Up A Salt Water Fish Tank?

If you are setting up a new aquarium or converting a fresh water tank into a salt water tank, there are certain points which must be kept in mind before beginning. It takes a little effort to research about the fishes to put in and for good water set up.

A salt water fish tank is a water body comprising the natural environment of sea. This also supports the marine or salt water fishes. Salt water fishes are considered more difficult to manage than fresh water fishes. This is because salt water fishes have considerably less tolerance for fluctuations which can occur frequently within the closed environment of an aquarium.

Setting Up A Saltwater Fish Aquarium:

  • Check properly for tank leakage.
  • Clean the tank properly with a one teaspoon solution of pure bleach per five gallons of water.
  • Scrub the object inside the tank properly like decorative plastic plants, rocks etc. Rinse everything thoroughly.
  • Read the instructions for installing the filtration system properly as the instructions differ for different models.
  • Wash the substrate thoroughly before putting it again in the tank.
  • Put the plants in and anchor the bottoms of plant in substrate properly.
  • Fill a large bucket with dechlorinated and clean water.
  • Use a device called Hydrometer which reads the amount of salt dissolved in water, add salt. You should keep the specific gravity 1.020 and 1.023.
  • fill the tank with salt water slowly and start the filter system.
  • Add the heater and thermometer as well and reach to the temperature of 75 and 80 degrees as most marine fishes do well at such temperature.
  • Leave everything run for atleast 3 days and get the temperature setting right and water moving.
  • Now cycle the aquarium. Newly set up tank lacks bacteria and requires to form a steady biological cycle.
  • Now add fishes when all the chemical levels are fine with appropriate temperature of water.
  • Get a powerhead, water movements are necessary in salt water aquariums. But don’t get a big one, otherwise it will creat whirlpool effect.
  • Protein skimmer is necessary for marine tanks which removes organic debris from water before it converts it into nitrates.
  • An external water pump has to be installed and air pump for skimmer.

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