Can Salt Water Burn As Fuel?

Scientist have long thought that salt water could not be burned. A broadcast engineer and a retired TV station owner John Kanzius proved it by igniting salt water with the radio frequency generator. People thought it as a hoax.

Earlier he was working for cancer cure. He decided to try using radio waves to kill cancer cells. He developed a radio frequency generator machine (RFG) that generated radio waves and focuses them into concentrated area. He used this machine to heat bits of metal particles inserted through an injection into cancer cells and destroyed the cancerous cells without harming the normal cells. Later on, he came up with an experiment that claimed to create an alternative fuel out of salt water.

Basics Of John’s Idea:

  • Radio waves will heat some metals.
  • Small pieces of carbon or gold are injected into cancer patient.
  • These nano particles are guided by special targeting molecules to cancer cell’s abnormalities and ignore healthy cells.
  • The patient is then exposed to radioactive waves and only the cancer cells which had nanotubed heat up and die.
  • John Kanzius’s machine could actually make saltwater burn.
  • He discovered that radio frequency generator could release oxygen and hydrogen molecules from saltwater and create intense flame.

Experiment By John Kanzius:

John’s experiment is simple-

  • Salt water is exposed to 13.56 Mhz radio waves and light a match.
  • Hydrogen from the water mixture is separated and burns for as long as it is exposed to radio waves frequency.

The APV Company Laboratory, Akron were amazed to see this invention. According to them,

That could be a steam engine, a steam turbine. That could be a car engine if you wanted it to be.
It has a lot of possibilities.
Salt water as the ultimate clean fuel.

Professor Emeritus Rustum Roy at the Penn State University are now conducting research into Kanzius discovery.

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  1. I cant find anything that answers the obvious questions:

    How much H2 was detected being generated for how much energy expenditure of device?

    Is this more efficient in converting electrical energy into H2 than other methods?

    Otherwise is is just a scientific curiosity.

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