Salt Water Snails : Best Snails For Salt Water Tank

Snails belong to one of the largest organisms class, with nearly 40,000 known species. Shelled animals like snails are invertebrates and belong to Phylum Mollusca and Gastropoda as Class. Shell itself is the basic means of protection, the snail also has the ability to protect itself and discourage predators from the noxious compounds production and adherence to the surface.

There are various salt water snails available. These salt water snails can easily be put into a saltwater tank. Mostly snails are herbivores, but some marine snails are omnivores. There variety of snails which are generally considered as basics in any saltwater aquarium clean- up members. They commonly include Trochus, Asterea, Nerite and Cerith snails.

Common Features Of Saltwater Snails:

  • Habit And Habitat-

    these are nocturnal in nature. Generally found solitary near grass beads, rocky reefs and sandy bottoms on coastal areas.

  • Ideal Marine Aquatic Environment

    – snails survive at pH of 8.10- 8.40 with specific gravity of 1.018- 1.028 and temperature of 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit in tank. To avert any shock to snails in salt water tank, there should be no copper and nitrates.

  • Feeding In Aquarium

    – Snails are algae eaters and hence these keep the tank clean by restricting the growth of unwanted algae bloom.

Saltwater Snails:

There are a variety of saltwater snails-

  • Asterea snails (Astraea tectum)-

    also called Astrea, are herbivores which clear the algae bloom. These are slow moving and are unable to right themselves when they flip over. Hence, it is advised to add only a few Astrea snails.

  • Trochus snails (Trochus sp.)-

    these are also algae eaters and these graze a variety of algae in saltwater aquarium. These are smaller in size and can right temselves when they flip over and rescue themselves.

  • Cerith snails (Cerithium sp.)

    – it will specially target the nuisance algae. They are useful for sand bed agitation. This snail is rarely larger than an inch. Per five gallons of salt water, one cerith snail is reasonable to add to newly cycled tank.

  • Nerite snails (Nerita sp.)

    – these are also small snail nearly one inch. They feed on film algae from the aquarium sides. One Nerite snail is generally required for every gallon of water.

Addition to these four variety, there are other snails as-

  • Turbo snails
  • Margarita snails
  • Nassarius snails
  • Bumble Bee snails
  • Abalone snails
  • Cowrie, Tiger snails
  • Turban snails
  • Fighting Conch snails
  • Zebra Turbo snails

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