What Is Water Desalination?

Desalination of water is the process in which several processes are used for removing the excess of salt present in water. The process of desalination is used for transforming the salt water into fresh water.The process of desalination yields a bye product called as table salt. This table salt is used on the ships going into the sea and also on the submarines.

The best part of water desalination is that it is a cost effective way of producing fresh water in those areas where the presence of fresh water is limited.

Solar Water Desalination:

It is the process in which desalination of salt water takes place using solar energy. Solar desalination is a traditional process which was practised in the desert and remote areas to retrieve fresh water. This method is still in practise as it a cost effective means of getting fresh water.

There are various processes which are involved in solar water desalination. For instance:

Reverse Osmosis:

This process is widely practised in the areas where electricity is cheaply available. It is because here solar energy is converted into electrical energy for the process to be undertaken. In this process salt is removed from the sea water using a semipermeable membrane, which separates the fresh water from the salty water.

Solar Humidification:

It is process in which solar energy evaporates the water into the vapor form, which later condenses in a separate chamber. The vapors condense in this chamber to yield pure water. This process is very slow and the amount of pure water that is collected from this process is also very less in quantity.

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