Benefits Of Water Retention Diet

There are variety of reasons for the retention of water in your body. For example a�� eating too much of sodium, standing for long hours in sun, side effect of some medicines can result in fluid retention in the body.

The retention of water in the body can result in some severe conditions of the heart, liver and lymphatic system too. In this article we will discuss some general diet plan which can be helpful in getting rid of the water retention in the body.

Water Retention Diet Plan:

Few basics of this plan include:

  • Avoid the excess intake of sodium and salt. Make sure that you only have 1000 mg of these in one single day.
  • Avoid processed food. Emphasize more on the fresh food.
  • While purchasing the canned food check the sodium content it has. Avoid those foods which carry high sodium content in them.
  • Avoid adding salt after you have finished cooking it. Try to replace salt with some alternative spice like the lemon juice or low sodium chili sauce etc.
  • Intake of 8 glasses of water is necessary. Juices of various fruits, herbal tea, mineral water can be good options.
  • Instead of one big meal go for 6 small meals. Try to have something at an interval of 3 hours.
  • Whole grain food will be more beneficial rather than regular cereal and rice.
  • Snacks must include fruits, unsalted nuts, seeds, sprouts.
  • Make sure that you also have some calcium in your food. For instance intake of milk, butter milk, eggs, low a�� fat yogurt can provide you with the required calcium.

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