Sassy Water Diet

Water is very essential for maintaining adequate hydration in the body. Intake of 8 glasses of water in the whole day, is the basic requirement of the body. There are some fruits also which are known to carry water in them. Fruits like melons, grapes etc are known as watery fruits and they have numerous health benefits. These fruits also help in getting rid of fatigue.

Intake of fluid in good quantity also prevents conditions like constipation. This also guards against the retention of water in the body. Sassy water diet is one such plan which emphasize on water intake thus helping in the loss of weight.

Steps To Prepare Sassy Water:

The steps to prepare sassy water include:

  • Pour some pure filtered water in the jug.
  • Wash some cucumber. Make sure that they are clean enough. For cleaning cucumbers, dip them in vinegar solution and wash them with warm water. Dry them with clean towel.
  • Now get some fresh ginger and remove its outer covering.
  • Then slice ginger and cucumber into very small pieces.
  • Next tear some spearmint leaves. Add these leaves along with ginger and cucumber pieces into the filtered water.
  • Place this container in the refrigerator for one day. Drink this water the next day instead of juice.
  • All the ingredients used in this preparation are very useful for your stomach. Cucumber is a natural diuretic so it removes all the excess of water stored inside. Similarly, ginger helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the body.
  • Regular intake of this mixture will enhance the metabolic rate of your body and will flush out all the toxic ingredients present inside.


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