Aquarium Water Quality

Maintaining the quality of water in aquarium is very necessary. It is because bad quality of water can even destroy the living organisms in it. The quality of water in an aquarium declines due to the accumulation of uneaten food food by fishes. Apart from this, the excretory material of fishes also play an important role in polluting water of the aquarium.

Steps To Improve Water Quality In An Aquarium:

The steps to improve the quality of water in the aquarium includes:

  • Do not over fill your tank with fishes. More the number of fishes more will be the pollution in the tank.
  • Keep the food in limited quantity in the tank. Accumulation of excess of food will pollute the tank.
  • Make sure that you change partial amount of water in the tank at frequent intervals. This will help in maintaining the environment of water in the tank.
  • Presence of excess of aquatic plants in the tank reduces the nitrogen level in the tank. So large colonies of aquatic plants must be filtered at regular intervals. Proper filtration of these is very necessary.
  • A check on the bacterial growth in the tank must be kept. It is because excess of bacterial growth exhaust oxygen from the water surrounding.
  • The level of oxygen must be maintained in aquarium this can be keeping a limited number of fishes in the tank.
  • Clean your tank at regular intervalsang change the water for a environment in your aquarium.

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