Salt Water Aquarium

Salt water aquariums are capable of carrying exotic fishes in them. Thus, forming a beautiful display of an outstanding aquarium in your house.

Steps For The Formation Of Salt Water Aquarium:

The steps required for the formation of salt water aquarium include:

  • Select a tank and check the leaking points. In case it has some leakage, then avoid using it.
  • After selecting the tank, clean it with bleaching powder. Also clean the plastic plants, stones and other decorative material several times using the clean water.
  • Now install the filtration system in the aquarium. Follow all the instructions carefully to avoid any mishap later.
  • The subtract must be washed carefully before installing it in the tank. Once the subtract is placed inside the tank, install the plants at the lower base.
  • Now collect a bucket of dechlorinated water and add salt, so as to make the specific gravity as 1.020 -1.023. Add this water inside the tank leaving an inch below the top.
  • Start the filter system in the tank. Add heater inside the tank, so as to increase the temperature in between 70- 80 degree Centigrade. This is done, as all the marine fishes do well in this temperature.
  • Leave this set up for at least 72 hours. The filtration cycling of the aquarium is necessary, so as to keep the biological environment steady.
  • Once your tank has the required temperature and chemical level, place your fish inside the tank.
    Pour protein skimmer in your tank, as it removes the organic debris from the tank water.

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