Fresh Water Aquarium

Aquarium is a place where fishes are kept in your house. Aquarium can be installed at any position in your house. Aquarium has variety of underwater animals and sceneries in it. Few simple steps are discussed in this article which help you in setting up your own aquarium in your house.

Steps To Setup A Fresh Water Aquarium In Your House:

Here are few simple steps which can be followed to set up an aquarium in your house. These steps are:

  • Clean a tank and also the gravels to be poured in.The gravels must be cleaned in a non soapy solution.
  • Now, place this aquarium at a suitable position in your house.
  • After installing the aquarium at some appropriate location arrange some filtration system to it. There are various installation methods which are available. You can choose it according to your requirement. Follow all the instruction for its installation very carefully.
  • Now place some clean gravels inside your aquarium tank.
  • Now, fill your tank with water till the top only an inch below the top grim. As the normal water contains chemicals so it is better to start the filter system and purify it.
  • Check the temperature and heat of the water before pouring your fish in it. The tropical fishes are comfortable in the temperature of 76 to 79 degree centigrade while the cold water fishes are comfortable in 50 to 70 degree centigrade.
  • After filtering the water and installing filtration, place your fish in the water. The placement of the fish must be done at time when the chlorine is removed from water.

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