Solar Hot Water Heater

Solar water heaters or domestic solar hot water systems are a cheap means for generating hot water for the house hold purposes. These are very beneficial because they use sunlight for heating up the water. So, they are cost and fuel effective.

Functioning Of The Solar Hot Water Heater:

The system of solar hot water heater requires a storage tank and solar collectors. There are basically two of solar water heaters. They are:

Active Solar water Heaters:

This type of water heaters have controls and circulating pumps to regulate the flow of water.

Passive Solar Water Heaters:

This type of water heaters do not have any pumps or controls to regulate the water flow.

Storage Tank In A Solar Water Heater:

The storage tank in a solar water heater is insulated . They have one outlet and an inlet which is attached to the tank to initiate to and fro of water from the tank. There can be either one or two tank systems. In one of the tank systems, the backup heater and the solar storage are present. While in the second tank system, water heater gets preheated before it enters into the conventional tank from where it is transported.

Solar Collectors:

There are basically three types of collectors which are used for heating water. These are:

Flat Plate Collector:

These are glazed flat , insulated, weather proof boxes which contain an absorber plate of dark color placed under one or more plastic or glass covers. This glaze plate use solar light for heating itself and in turn, heats up the water in the tank.

Integral Collector a�� Storage System:

These collectors are the integral part of the water system. These are insulated inside the glazed rods. The cold water passes through them which preheats the water. Later, the conventional source kept on heater, provides the actual hot water to be supplied.

Evacuated a�� Tubes Solar Collectors:

In this system there are transparent tubes which are arranged in rows throughout the collector. Each tube consist of an outer glass tube and a metal absorber attached to its base. The coating at the base absorbs the light and minimises the loss of heat. These are the most effective collectors which are used for commercial purposes.

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