Power Vent Water Heater

Power vent water heater is an efficient way to keep the water warm in your house. These water heaters require outside exhaust air to combat and ignite. This is also more preferable as it does not require any installed chimney to function.

Functioning Of Power Vent Water Heater:

The functions of power vent water heater are described in the points below. These are;

  • Power vent requires the exhaust which is located either inside or out side the house.
  • This instrument has technology which allows the air to enter it from one side. This enables the flame to ignite and burn without any disturbance.
  • The device carries sensors which react whenever vapors are noticed. This makes the device a safe one.
  • In order to produce hot water, the device uses electricity and also the warm air from the exhaust. The water which is present at the top of the tank is heated first which is also served first. Later the water at the base warms up.
  • In case, a lot of water from the top part is exhausted then the cold water only comes down. So, in this case, it might happen that you can get cold water suddenly, as the hot water from the top level is already exhausted.

Benefits Of Power Vent Water Heater:

Here are the benefits which the power vent water heater holds:

  • It is energy efficient.
  • It do not require any pre installed chimney to function.
  • It do not release any smoke
  • It has a thermostat which regulates the amount of heat according to the requirement.

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