Pool Filter Maintenance

The filter of any pool plays a major role in maintaining the sanitation of the pool. In this article we will be discussing the steps which can be followed to keep your pool filter clean.

Steps For Pool Filter Cleaning:

Few steps which can be followed while cleaning the filter of the pool are:

  • The filter of sand can be cleaned by back flushing water through it on a regular basis. This can be done once in a month. Reversing the flow of water will remove the debris from the filter.
  • The sand filled filter can be replaced after every 3-4 years and a new one must be installed in its place. If the pool is not much in use it can be replaced after a longer gap but its replacement must be carried out at regular interval, depending upon its usage.
  • The diatomeceous filter must be replaced 2-3 times in a year depending upon its usage. The replacement will ensure that there is no deposition in the grids of the filter. It will also ensure that the filter works efficiently.
  • The modern enhanced filters present in the pool must be rinsed to ensure that no deposition is there. But their replacement must also be done at an interval of 2-3 years to ensure that the process of filtration is carried out smoothly.
  • In case, the main filter is dirty, you must remove it and clean it with garden hoze. Also spray some nozzle while you rinse, this will remove the entire debris from the filter.

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