Chlorine Free Pool

Use of chemicals like chlorine or bromine in pool treatment are liable to have a lot of side effects. It is because these are toxic chemicals which can be dangerous for the health of the swimmers. It is because of the same reason that swimmers suffer from various conditions like lung cancer, asthma, sinuses and other complains related to skin, hair etc. All these problems are generally caused due to the presence of chlorine and its byproducts.

Chlorine Free Pool:

Chlorine is a harmful substance which can affect your health drastically. Some of these affects includes:

Chlorine reacts to sweat and urine which can cause irritation in your respiratory system. Actually, chlorine is known have few toxins which can result in adverse conditions like asthma in children and severe conditions like breast, bladder, colon cancers.

Coronary heart disease is one condition which can also be caused due to chlorine. The tablet of chlorine releases some fumes which have bleaching capability so they can even bleach your hairs also. This bleaching activity can result in the discoloration of your hair, and might create a burning sensation in your eyes also.
Chlorine can even go inside your body and get settled in one corner. This deposition can cause severe outcomes in the long run.

So, use of chlorine for water purification purposes is very harmful deal. There are several other methods which can be used for treating water which do not carry hazardous effects. One such method is to tr5eat the pool with natural oxygen technology method. This is a simple method and does not carry negative effects too.

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