Salt Water Swimming Pool

While planning of the installation of a swimming pool in the house, there are many options to choose from. One such option is a salt water pool. Actually, there is a huge conversation over the chlorine water pool and the salt water pool. But, the fact is both has their own advantage and disadvantage. Moreover, the kind of swimming pool you would like to install depends on your personal taste too.

Advantages Of Salt Water Swimming Pool:

The advantages of salt water swimming pool includes:

The first and foremost thing, about salt water pool is that the water of this pool is not as salty as that of the sea. So, there should be no misconception, as it is called salt water pool so it will have salty water in it. Actually, the salt in this water is 10 times less than that of the sea. While the level of the salt is exactly of the same amount which is found in the human body, so it is not a cause of concern.

The treatment of the water in salt water pool is very easy. It is because this pool do not require water treatment of chlorine, as the water already have salt in it. Since, the salt produces chlorine so a a lot of money and time can be saved .

The installation of this pool is a cost effective venture. Although, the initial installation requires some expenditure but once it is installed no amount is spend further on the maintenance. So, if you see in the long run, it is a cheap affair because weekly or monthly treatment costs a lot.

Disadvantages Of Salt Water Pool:

The disadvantages of the salt water pool are:

pH level of the pool is a cause of concern with these pools. Actually, this pool is highly acidic due to the presence of salt in it. It is due the same reason that the pH level fluctuate drastically at frequent intervals. So, they require pH treatment regularly.

The presence of salt in the water is not a cause of concern for the human beings themselves but it can be annoying sometimes. Actually, the salt present in water get deposited on the walls of the pool and on the pathways outside the pool. This deposition stick to your wet feet when you move on them after swimming which can be irritating . Moreover, excess of salt can even invite infection to your feet too.

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