Pool Water Testing

The water in your swimming pool must always be clean. It is because it affects your skin and eyes badly. So, it is necessary to test and balance the water in your swimming pool.

How To Test Pool Water

There are few tests which can be carried out to test the water of the pool. These tests are:

Test The Presence Of Choline In Pool Water:

This is the first test for testing the water of your pool. In this test, collect some amount of the water from your pool and add a reagent to it. The water collection must be done from deep. Top water will not give accurate results. Notice the color of the water as it changes. The extent to which this change in the color takes place, will determine the presence of chlorine to that extent.

Test The pH Level Of The Water:

The pH level of the water is a huge concern. 7.4 to 7.6 parts of hydrogen ion in per million is the ideal condition. This is considered as the ideal situation for your eyes and skin. In case, the pool is too acidic, then the water becomes corrosive which will provoke erosion. So, it is necessary to maintain the acidic level in your pool. This can done using the acidic test. In this test, few drops of acid are poured in the sample water of the pool. The number of drops required to achieve the color decides the acidity and accordingly it has to be reduced.

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