Hard Water Softener

Hard Water is that water which can contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ion in them. The presence of these ions results in the two major issues. The first one that these ions tends to deposit on the surface of the taps, kettles and the other is that it prevent the form formation of the soap in water.

Various Types Of Water Softeners:

There are various types of water softeners which are used for softening the hard water. These are:

Packaged Water Softeners:

These includes the chemicals which are dissolved in water for reducing the hardness of the water. These chemicals are of two types precipitating and non precipitating. Precipitating water softeners are those softeners which forms a precipitates along with the calcium and magnesium ions of the water and float on the water top, making the water cloudy. While the non precipitate chemical dissolves itself completely, thus leaving no precipitate in water.

Mechanical Water Softeners:

In this system, the water is installed permanently in the plumbing system. This type of water softener works on the ion exchange method where the water from resin having sodium and potassium ions are passed through the brine solution containing the hard. At the junction where the two meet exchange of ions takes place converting the hard water into soft.

Water Filters:

There are various types of water filters which are available in the market which can be helpful in making your water soft. These are easily available and are easy to handled. Some of them can be installed in your homes also.

Magnetic Water Softener:

In this system of water softening, magnets are used. These magnets are installed inside the tank where the water has to be softened. Here the exchange in the charges of the ions takes place in the presence of strong magnetic field which results in the softening of the water.

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