Fleck Water Softener

Fleck is the brand name which is known to deliver water of high quality which can cater the need of both the commercial and the residential purposes. Fleck water softeners are available in pistons with Telfon coating. This coating prevents the water from the wear and tear of each day. The craftsmanship of these products saves the energy, time and also the money which is required for maintaining the water softeners.

Benefits Of Fleck Water Softeners:

The best part about the Fleck water softeners is that it has a timer which regulates the regeneration and also elevates the time of regeneration. So these are considered as the best form of the water softeners.

Various Types Of Fleck Water Softeners:

Fleck Water Softeners With Time Clock:

In this type of water softeners, time clock is there which can be adjusted. According to this adjustment only water softening process is carried out. For example your have set the time clock of 4 hours. Then the process of water softening will be carried out for the next 4 hours only. After this duration the process will stop automatically, unless the time will be set again.

Fleck Metered Water Softener:

It is the best form of the fleck water softeners. In these softeners meter is attached which regulates the use of salt in the process of softening. Moreover it also regulates the wastage of excess water as well. The presence of meter also regulates that only the required amount of the water softened and hence do not allow any extra formation.

Fleck Digital Water Softener:

This is very much similar to the metered water softener the only difference is that the clock used here is digital one.

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