Ionics Water Softener

Ionics water softeners are those softeners in which the ions of calcium and magnesium are replaced by those of the sodium and potassium ions. In this system the solution containing the ions of sodium and potassium is passed over the solution having the calcium and magnesium. This will initiate the transfer the ions from one form to the other.

The System Of Ionic Water Softener:

The system of ionic water softener consists of a brine tank, a unit wither filters and pipes which carry water directly to the brine tank. A timer is also used to schedule the time for recharging the tank.

In this system of ionic water softener, the ions of these minerals which cause hardness in the water are replaced by the soft mineral ions. Like, the ions of calcium and potassium are usually responsible for causing hardness in water. So, these ions are replaced by the ions of sodium and magnesium.

This process is carried out when the solution with negatively charged ions is passed over the positively charged ions in the brine tank. The negative charged is attracted towards the positively charged ions and hence are replaced by them. Thus, removing the hardness of the water.

This process of ionic water softener is not very expenses and also do not bear any health risks. But it can be harmful for those who restrict sodium in their diet. This system can be easily prepared in home and thus a simple filtration can be done. Sodium chloride is easily and cheaply available thus making it simple.

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