Magnetic Water System

Magnetic water softener is the new invention which is developed for softening the water. In this system, one or more magnets are placed either on the inner side or on the outer side of the water tap which brings the water in. Although, this water system of water softening is very beneficial, but it does have some drawbacks.

Benefits Of Using Magnetic Water System:

The benefits of using magnetic water system include:

  • The water which is softened by this magnetic model is pure and has no extra chemical added to it. It is for the same reason it has all the healthy vitamins and minerals required in the water. This water also has calcium which is very beneficial for the diet.
  • This model of water softening is cost effective and can be easily afforded.
  • This model does not produce any wastage. So, it is very advantageous for the environment.
  • The water obtained from this system adds life to the clothes, appliances used in the house and it also increases the effectiveness and lathering of the soap.

Disadvantages Of Magnetic Water System:

The disadvantages of magnetic water system include:

  • This water system can be influenced by the electric charge. It is for the same reason that the interference in the nearby circuit can reduce its intensity greatly.
  • The system of magnetic softener does not actually reduce the total hardness. Although the water becomes soft, it is not entirely soft.
  • As this system does not require much electricity, it is most liable to produce waste which is harmful for the environment.

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