How To Install A Water Softener

Installing your own water softener is not a very difficult task. There are few things which are required and you will have your water softener installed.

Steps To Install A Water Softener:

Here are few steps which are required to install a water softener. These are:

Preparation For Installing The Water Softener:

The first step is to collect all the tools, turn off the main line of the water supply, open all the water fixtures to drain all the water in the pipelines. The water softener must be installed in a dry, level and safe place. The placement of the brine and resin tank must be done near to each other.

Installation Of The Water Softener:

Inorder to install the water softener, insert the tube of mineral water in the tank and open it at the base of the center point. While pouring the mineral water, prevent the beads from entering into the tank by putting the tape. Small gravels must be poured slowly, to cover the intake of the screen. Add the softener in the resin tank, so as to fill the tank up to one half and three quarters of the tank. Now, lubricate the ring which attaches the head to the mouth of the tank. The middle hole of the tank must fit over the tube of distribution.

Connection Of Water:

First, attach the valves which will regulate the entry and exit of the water in the tank. Seal all the by pass points on the valves. Now, attach the plastic carrying water fill at least three to eight inches of water in the brine and add 40 ounces of potassium chloride salt. Now, backwash your softener and open the water supply valve which allows the air to enter in it. Open valve and allow the water to flow into the other tank. Next, run the softener for another back wash process.

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