Water Softener Potassium

Water softeners are required to decrease the hard water intensity. There are two types of water softeners which are used for this; Potassium water softeners and Sodium water softeners. Out of these, the sodium water softeners are cheap but they carry health risks while the potassium water softeners are costly but they are more safe.

Benefits Of A Potassium Water Softeners:

The water softener of potassium is much healthier than that of the sodium. The benefits of a potassium water softener include:

  • This water softener is very beneficial for those who lack the intake of potassium in their diet.
  • Potassium is considered a beneficial element for the septic system and also for the environment. For instance, the water which can be softened by the potassium softener can be used for the irrigation purposes. But, the water which is processed by the sodium and is not be softened by it, cannot be used for the irrigation purposes.
  • The best part of using the potassium water softener is that, the use of natural soap is also possible with it, which is not possible when you are using the sodium water softeners. This will enable a quality increase in your laundry cleaning.

Maintenance Required By The Potassium System:

The maintenance required by the potassium system includes:

  • Replacing the filters when they become dirty
  • Cleaning the resin
  • Removing bridge of the brine tank

Maintenance of your water softening system is essential to keep the system actively operational. A regular maintenance will improve the productivity of the system and will also supply clean water.

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