Salt Free Water Softener

Salt free water softener is the latest type of water softeners which are added to the family of the water softeners. In these types of water softeners nanotechnology is used which converts the dissolved magnesium and calcium into the microscopic crystals.

Benefits Of Salt Free Water:

Water softeners are required especially in those areas where the water supplied is very hard. The hard water carries calcium and magnesium salts in huge quantity. The presence of these elements creates a huge problem for the users. Hard water stops or hinders the foam formation in water, which prevents the cleaning activity of the soap.

The elements of hard water get deposited on the surface of the taps and the tumblers they are pored in, to prevent the water supply from the tap. It is for this reason that the water softeners are required.

Salt free water softener is an advanced technology in which the elements of the calcium and magnesium is converted into the microscopic crystals. This is done using a technology called nanotechnology. So, the microscopic crystals float in the water but do not get deposited on the taps and the tumblers.

In this way, water becomes soft also and it does not harm the taps, vessels and the atmosphere. The other softeners which are used replace the ions of calcium and magnesium with that of sodium. So, those softeners were releasing 500 pounds of salt in the atmosphere in one year. This is injurious for atmosphere.

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