House Water Softener

The house water softener functions on the method that ions of the calcium and magnesium are to be replaced by the sodium and potassium ions. It is due to this reason that these appliances have a resin tank, where the replacement of the calcium and magnesium ion is done by the sodium and magnesium ion.

The resin tank has a bead containing the sodium and magnesium ion over it. When the water is flown over these beads in the resin tank the replacement of ions takes place making the water soft.

Types Of House Water Softener:

There are basically two types of house water softeners. These are:

  • Automatic Softeners:

    These are totally automatic softeners with a timer which is used for controlling the process of regeneration.

  • Demand Initiated Regeneration (DIR):

    The system of DIR functions on an autopilot mode. In this process everything is carried out in a planned manner and also works depending upon the utility of the water present.

How To Choose A House Water Softener:

Here are few basic points which must be taken care of while selecting a house water softener. These are:

  • The first and foremost step to calculate the total amount of water which is consumed by your family. Depending upon this requirement, select your water softener. It is because water softeners also have their limitations. So, for a large family you require such softener which can soften water in huge quantity.
  • Go for those brands, which can be cleaned very easily.
  • See that the softener which you have chosen has a warranty period for a longer duration.
  • You have two to select from either automatic or DIR and depending upon your requirement you can select one.

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