Water Softening System

Water softeners are very beneficial as they reduce the hardness of water. The hardness in water is due to the presence of dissolved magnesium, calcium and ferrous ion concentration in water. The presence of harness in water has the following side effects. These are:

The presence of metal ions and calcium ions reacts with the chemicals of the soap and hinders the formation of lather in water. This also inhibits the cleaning effects of the detergents.

The carbonates of magnesium and calcium will precipitate as hard deposit on the surfaces of the heat exchanger surfaces and pipes. This will prevent the movement of water in the pipes and in heat exchangers it will act as insulator which will prevent movement of heat to water from the surface of the vessels.

Equipments Which Will Make Your Water Soft:

Water softeners are classified into five categories. These are:

  • Manual:

    There are number of manual softeners present in the market. In these softeners the operator will have to open and close the valves which regulates the rate, frequency, time of length for recharging.

  • Semia´┐Ż´┐ŻAutomatic:

    This is the system in which a button is present. This button is switched on by the operator when water requires softening and rest of the process is done automatically.

  • Automatic:

    This is the automatic system in which timer is there. This timer initiates the recharging according to the set timer. The operator only has to set the timer and add salt to it.

  • Demand Regenerated Initiation:

    In this system all the operations are initiated as well as performed automatically. The process is carried out on the demand of the water softeners. Actually this system has two softening tanks and one brine. So, in one tank recharging takes place while in the other one softening happens.

  • Off- Site Regeneration:

    in this process there are two separate tanks one of the recharging and the other with softening. So the recharging tank is placed at the center location once it is done it taken to the position of softening while other is place at the center for recharging.

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