Eco Friendly Water Bottle

Water is the necessity of life. It is for the same reason that we all carry water in our bottles. But have you ever cared that the bottle which you are using is made of what material. It is very necessary that the material of which your bottle is made is hygienic. If your bottle is not hygienic it can make your water also infected.

Most of the bottles are made up of plastic material. Plastic carry toxic substances in it. This material has the tendency of transferring this toxicity to the liquid also which is poured in it. So, in case your bottle is made up of this kind of bad plastic it will automatically infect the water which you will pour in it. This infected water will in turn infect your body with the same toxins.

Eco Friendly Water Bottles:

Now a days, eco friendly bottles are available. These bottles are made up of non toxic material or some of the brands prepare bottles with copper and aluminium metals which are non toxic metals. The bottles which are made up of these material are non toxic and make the water more tasty by adding nutritive elements in it.

Some bottles are disposable. But the disposable bottles are made up of plastic which can not be recycled. The best replacement of this is using cans or reusable plastic bottles. Can are the best option as they are made of aluminium metal is nontoxic and it can be easily recycled also.Some other metals which can also be used in this regard includes stainless steel and a new material called Tritan Coplyster.

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