Reuse Bottled Water

Reusing the bottle for drinking purposes is common practise. It is commonly seen that people purchase a bottled water and once it is finished they fill the same bottle with the tap water and use it again and again.

Although, it is a commonly practise it can have grave results. There are many factors which will play a major role and contaminate the bottled collected in this manner.

Factors Related To Reusing Of The Water Bottle:

There are many factors which are associated with the reusing of the bottled water. These are:

  • Chemical Contamination:

    The major concern with reusing the bottled water is contamination of the bottle with the chemicals of the plastic. Actually, the plastic used in preparing the bottles may or may not be of high quality. In case low quality plastic is used, then its reuse can result in the contamination of the water filled in such bottles.

  • Bacteria Growth:

    It might happen that the bottles which are being used for reusing water carry bacteria or fungi in them. This is because both these develop in moist environment which is easily available inside the bottles. So, once the bottles is opened it can easily pave way for the bacteria to grow inside it.

  • Cleaning And Sanitising Your Water Bottle:

    In case you want to reuse you bottled water bottle. So ensure that it is clean. Just washing it away will not serve the purpose. Get vacuum dried so that it becomes bacterial growth. You can use hot water to clean your bottle as it will rectify the growing bacterias.

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