Reusing Water

Water is the one of the most valuable resource which under the huge threat due the climate change. It is most demanded resource of this earth. It is for the same reason that to meet the huge demand recycling or reusing the waste is considered as the good option.

Reusing or recycling the water is considered as the option for increasing the alternatives for water resources. Thus, reducing the pressure from the natural existing resources.

The Hierarchy Of Reusing Water:

The hierarchy of reusing water is based on the option of what kind of water is it. Actually, there are some water resources which require little or sometimes no purification. These can be used as they are collected. For instance the rain water.

  • Rain water

    is very pure if this water is collected and harvested in a proper way it can be used without any purification. But it has to be kept in mind that this water is handled with great care so that it not get any contamination. Thus, the water of the rain if harvested properly can be reused without any purification.

  • Grey water:

    This is the non-toilet water available. This water can be of good use especially at the time of drought. Although, this water is not entirely pure so it requires some purification. There are some system which are prepared where this water can be purified without harming the environment. Thus, if it is successfully done, grey water can be a good source of pure water .

  • Industrial Water:

    This water can also be a huge of water after treatment. The quantity of industrial water is huge but is not clean. Once this water is treated, it can act as the huge source of pure water.

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