Water Well Contamination

The contamination of water is a very serious issue and it becomes more serious if your water well has become contaminated. To recognise whether your well water is contaminated or not is not easy. But there are few changes which can be noticed and these will only declare that your water is contaminated or not.

Symptoms Of Water Contamination:

Here are few symptoms which will indicate the presence of contamination in your water. These are:

  • The change will be felt in the taste and odor of the water
  • The members of the family will complain about the repeatedly about the gastrointestinal illness.
  • Sometimes color of the water will also change.

Causes Of water Contamination:

There are many reasons for your water to be contaminated. Some of these are:

  • You have done some kind of repairs in your well.
  • Your house is located near some industrial site
  • Some kind of disease like diarrhea, typhoid or any other similar disease is spread in your vicinity. It because these diseases are water borne. So they might have infected your water too.
  • The pathogens like bacteria, virus and pathogens can very easily infect your water at time.So, better be aware of them.

How Can You Protect Your Wells From Contamination:

There are few basic steps which can be followed to protect the well from water contamination. These are:

  • Make sure that you test your water at regular interval of time.
  • Prepare pits around your wells. This will provide space for the contaminated water to collect.
  • Use iodine or choline to clean the water in your well.
  • Cover your well with a lid over it. Never leave it open as open lid will invite infection.


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