Disinfection Drinking Water Treatment

Contamination of drinking water is very common these days. This contamination can be there due to various reasons. For instance private well of drinking water can become contaminated due to its poor construction, ilfitered surface in it and many other similar reasons.

If contaminated water is taken in then it can result in number of diseases. The bacterias and viruses present in the water can cause nausea and fever. A regular intake of contaminated water for a longer duration of time can result in more severe diseases. It is for the same reason that the water you drink must be pure and safe.

Methods To Purify Disinfection Of Water:

If the water you are drinking is not much contaminated then it can be purified very easily. Here are few basic steps which can be followed to purify your water. These steps are:

  • The most simple step to purify your water is to boil it before drinking. Boiling of the water will kill all the bacteria and viruses present in it.
  • Drop 2-3 drops of unscented bleach in every 1 litre of water . This will remove all the impurity from it.
  • You can add tablets of iodine in your water. Iodine can also kill all the bacteria present in the water.
    Actually cysts of protozoans and bacterias set themselves on the surface of the water. Use of iodine and chlorine tablets reduces the water density which results in their death. Thus, making the water pure.
  • Apart from these there are various devices available these days which are capable enough for purifying the water. Like Distillates, ozonators, glass fiber filters etc All these are very good purifying systems. Depending upon your requirement any one can be selected.

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