Bottled Water Quality Standards

Bottles water is considered as the best source of drinking water. It is because the water available in the bottles is of high quality standards. World Health Organisation has issued guidelines which has to followed by all the companies who prepare bottled water.

Quality Standards Of Bottled Water:

Here few basic guidelines which are to followed by the companies who are manufacturing bottled water. These includes:

  • Codex Standard For Natural Mineral Water is established. This describes the labelling and the product, composition and quality factors of the water.
  • Codex standards limits the use of certain chemicals, it maintains hygiene of the water and also takes care of the labelling and packaging of the water in the bottle.
  • Presently, the codex standards maintains that bottled water must contain natural water in them without any further treatment. For example spring water which is collected directly from the source.

The Codex standards for natural water is not solely responsible for the quality standards but it has the certification from the World Health Organisation too.

Quality Standards Of FDA For Bottled Water:

According to the FDA’s recent rules the bottled water must be of high quality. It must be collected from the deep under ground source so that it is entirely pure. In case that water is collected from the tap that it must be clearly mentioned that bottle contains tap water. Such collected water, must undergo through process of purification to transform it into a distilled or purified water as mentioned on the label of the bottle.

Lastly, FDA suggests that bottled water must be processed, packaged, transported and stored in a clean and safe manner. It is to proof that what ever is mentioned on the label is all truth. When all these conditions are met then only the companies are able to get FDA certification for their product.

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