Iron Bacteria In Drinking Water

The presence of iron bacteria in the water can be detected by the presence of the red stains at the base, presence of some taste. The water will give a oily or swampy look. All these are the indication of the presence of red bacteria in the water.

The bacteria of iron combine with other elements like magnesium and oxygen and for rust which gets deposited on the walls and the base of the well, pumping lines, fixtures etc. Although the bacteria of iron is not considered to be harmful but still it give odor and unusual taste to the water. Moreover it creates the environment for other similar organism to grow.

How To Detect Iron Bacteria In The Drinking Water:

Here are few symptoms which can be used for detecting the presence of iron bacteria in the drinking water. These includes:

  • Color Of The water:

    The change in the color of the water can indicate the presence of the iron bacteria in it. For instance the water having this bacteria will have yellow, orange, red, brown stains in it. Sometimes an oily sheet is noticed over it

  • Tastes And Odors:

    The presence of iron bacteria will produce the odor of sewage or of cucumber or rotten vegetation n the water. Apart from this water will give a swampy or oily or petroleum look in it.

  • Slimy Deposits Of Red Color:

    The presence of iron in the water will deposit the red colored slimy deposition on the sides and the base of the well or the pot.

Prevention Of Iron Bacteria:

The prevention of iron bacteria can be done in the following ways:

  • The first and fore most thing to remember is that whenever your well needs repairing of any pipe or pump etc then make sure that they should not placed very near to the water. This will prevent the water from catching the iron bacteria.
  • When ever such repair takes place make sure that you disinfect the water immediately the work is completed.
  • The casing present in the water well must be tight and properly capped and they must be above the level of the ground.

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