Bacteria In Water Well

Bacteria are the microscopic organisms which are found everywhere. Most of the bacterias are harmful but few of then are injurious to health. They can result in serious diseases or sickness. It is not easy to get rid of these bacteria. Chlorination of water is the best way of getting rid of these bacteria.

Bacteria In Household Water Well:

If you own your well for drinking water purposes. Then it is your responsibility to ensure that you are drinking clean water. Make sure that get your water tested every one or two years. In Case some flood is there in the surrounding water or some water body in the near vicinity has been found infected then make sure you also get your samples checked. It is because that the water of the well is an underground water. So in case of floods or any any other infection in the water of the near vicinity can also be transferred to your well too. So, as the precautionary measure make sure that you have tested your water sample.

Protecting Your Water Well:

Here are few steps which can be followed to protect your well from the bacterial attack. These includes:

  • Inspect your water well at regular intervals. Check the cracks or broken portions in the well, also check the missing or absent cap on your well. If such thing is found then get it repaired immediately.
  • Make sure that do not use manure, fertilizers, weed killers, and any other pollutants near your well.
  • Make sure you do not dispose off any hazardous solution near the water body.
  • Test the samples of your well once in a year.

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