Fluoride Drinking Water Standard

The presence of fluoride in the drinking water is very necessary as helps in preventing the tooth decay. It has been seen that fluoridated water function on the surface of the teeth and when it moves inside the mouth it installs low amount of fluoride in the saliva too. So, presence of some amount of fluoride in water is very essential for our body also.

The presence of water is noticed in the tap water only and when this water filtered in the homes then most of it is removed. So, the filtered water which we drink in our homes carries fluoride in a very small quantity.The bottled water which is available in the market usually do not carry fluoride at all.

How To Remove Fluoride From The Drinking Water:

There are various steps which can be followed to remove fluoride from the drinking water. These steps includes:

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration:

    It is most reliable means to remove the fluoride from the drinking water. The bottled water which is available in the market has the water filtered through this means only. It is because the process of reverse osmosis removes all the ingredients of impurity including the fluoride. So, the water obtained after going through this process is of high quality and total pure.

  • Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter:

    These are expensive plants which are installed in the areas which have high fluoride content in their water. Although it is expensive affair but it is very beneficial for home drinking water.

  • Distillation Filtration:

    The distilled filtered are available in the market. They are not very expensive so these can be purchased and use for filtering out the fluoride content from the water. These filters are capable of removing only the fluoride content from the water but not the other impurities.

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