Purified Water Vs Spring Water

The water consumed by the public at large is generally the spring water. The spring water is the water which comes from the natural spring of the underground water which flows through the surface of the earth. If the water has to be called as spring water it has to collected from its source exactly.

The purified water is the one which is comes from the various sources but it is purified using various means of filtration like deionization, reverse osmosis, distillation etc. Thus, this water is pure in all means.

The Difference Between The Purified Water And Spring Water:

The difference between the purified water and the spring water are:

  • The water of the spring fluctuates as it comprises of the water from various locations which can vary in their constituents depending upon their location. On the other hand, the constituents of the pure water are always constant as they are filtered under the similar norms.
  • If the spring water is filtered it will only remove big or large particles. On the other hand the purified water do not require any filtration as it is already pure.
  • The best Purified water can be prepared with steam distalization or by ozonation process. This process yields the purest and tasty form of the water. It yields entirely pure water with zero impurity. Whereas the spring are pure but they still carry some impurity in it.
  • Spring water is available in bottles also but it is not the very pure form of water. On the other hand, the purified form of bottled water is also available and it is the purest form of the water.

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