How To Make A Solar Water Heater?

Usually all the house holds require warm water for some or the other purposes. Warming up the water requires a lot of energy. Solar water heater can reduce this cost drastically. Solar heaters are easy to make and then install. They are cost effective and saves energy and thus prevents global warming too.

How To Make A Solar Water Heater:

Here are few basic steps which can be followed to make a solar water heater. These steps includes:

  • The first step is to determine your need of water in a day. The requirement will depend on the number of members in the family and how much water each require in the entire day. Depending on this amount arrange a tank of the same quantity.
  • Now look for an adequate spot where this can be placed. The southern part of your roof can be the best location or if you have place on your ground floor then it can be convenient too. Southern part is the best area as sun stays in this part for a longer time.
  • The next step is paint the entire tank with flat black colour. It is because black colour will trap the sunlight and will help quick heating of the water.
  • Now build a box of ply wood and create an incline in it so that the heated water remains at the top. Moreover inclined position help in effective heating of the water. You can also insulate the inner surface of the box with fiber insulation to reduce the energy loss.
  • Once this box is prepared install your tank in it and also make the plumbing arrangement. Two set of pipes are to be attached. One set will carry normal water inside the tank and the other set will carry the heated water directly to the taps inside the house.
  • You can place installation in the exposed part of the tank to prevent the water from freezing in the winter season.

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  1. solar water heater is a great alternative to conventional electric heaters which costs much.`*

  2. solar water heaters are great for reducing electricity bills and you also help the environment.'”

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