How Can I Build My Own Water Distiller?

Distilled water is beneficial for healthy living. If you want to purchase distilled water from the market then it can be a costly affair. So, it is advisable that you prepare your own water distiller.

Preparing a distiller at home is not a difficult task. Few basic things are there which must be kept in mind while preparing. These are discussed in this article.

Steps To Prepare A Water Distiller At Home:

Here are few simple steps which can be followed to prepare water distiller at your home. These are:

  • Take a cork and drill a clean hole in itsHow Can I Build My Own Water Distiller? center.
  • Next purchase a copper tubing of A? inches which can of two feet long.
  • Now, insert the cork at the mouth of the kettle securely. It must placed in such a manner that the water can ooze out only from the drilled portion.
  • Now, fill half of your kettle with the tap water. Do not try to fill too much water in it as it will hinder the process of distillation.
  • Once you have filled the kettle with water and closed it, then place the copper tubing in the drilled part of the cork. Make sure that the other end of the copper tube is connected to a jar or tube where the collection of the distilled water can be done.
  • Before you begin the process ensure that all the attachments are tightly intact to prevent any loss of distilled water.
  • Now, bring the water to a boil. You will notice the distilled water coming out in the jar attached to the copper tubing. The water collected in this jar is very pure as it is the condensed form of the steam of the water boiled from the kettle. Actually, the steam gets called in the copper tube and condense to give you the distilled water in the jar.

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