How To Drill A Water Well?

Water wells are considered as the best resource of clean drinking water. There are different ways in which these wells can be digged out. Some of these ways includes:

  • Dug Wells:

    It is an old means in which the ground is hacked with the help of pick and shovel means. In case the ground is soft and the water level shallow then this method can become successful in digging a well.

  • Driven Wells:

    This method is commonly used now a days. These are formed by inserting a pipe deep into the soft soil. A screen is attached at the base of the pipe to filter the sand and other small particles. As these wells carry different impurities in them they are not very frequently used.

  • Drilled Wells:

    This is the modern method to dig wells. It works with the help of small but powerful drill which is attached at the end of the pipe. This drill in turn moves another drill which cuts the hole. An exhaust which is located at the back of the drill and and at the top of the pipe creates a vacuum at the back of the drill. This vacuum sucks the water into the pipe. This water is blown up into the pipe and creates another vacuum which sucks water and is pumped out in the form of a fountain.

Benefits Of The Drilled Wells:

The benefits of drilled wells are:

  • As the pipe of drilled wells never twists so it is considered as the best means of drilling out underground water.
  • It is the fast and simple means of digging out a well.
  • The drilled wells are inexpensive so they can be easily afforded by any one.

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