Why is Drinking Water a Nonrenewable Resource?

It is a well known fact that, there is no substitute for water. All the doctors and experts tell that drinking water is the best remedy for all the disorders and diseases. Water can be said as a nonrenewable resource, lets look in to it in detail.

Water makes 60% of the human body. Down are the list of things, drinking water can do

  • Dehydration is a very common problem every individual face in there day to day life, heart is under continuous pressure during this situation. This may lead to fainting or even a heart stroke
  • Water is very good for weight loss by metabolizing fat. It does not have any calories, cholesterol or fat and it is low in sodium.
  • Water helps in metabolism. It transports oxygen, antibodies, nutrients and also hormones through our blood stream. Enzymes and proteins in our body are more efficient with low viscosity (diluted), making water more important.
  • Water also helps in digestion, all the solid foods can be digested only in the presence of water.
  • Water helps kidneys in removing waste. All the wastes like uric acid, lactic acid and urea are dissolved in water, which comes out as a waste.
  • Water helps in controlling body’s defence mechanism. It helps in maintaining our body temperature through perspiration and dehydration increases the risk of asthma.
  • Risk of Arthritis can be reduced by drinking adequate amounts of water.

Above mentioned are very few uses of water. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day keep you fit in all ways possible, so by all means water can be called as a nonrenewable resource

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