How To Drill A Water Well

Well water is the natural source of under ground water. During rainy season when it rains the water seeps through the surface, it passes through different layers of the ground which act like filters. This rain water gets finally collected at the bottom of the surface. When drilled the water comes out from the ground in the form of well water.

Steps for drilling a Water Well

  • In order to drill a water well you would need a powerful air power drill that should be attached to a pipe.
  • This is a special drill that cuts through the surface.
  • The air tool protrudes to the side of the drill and then to the pipe.
  • It then creates a vacuum just behind the drill which pulls the water into the pipe
  • The pipe helps in blowing out the water from the ground through the pipe and this is a much easier process in pumping out ground water.
  • Since this is a specially designed pipe, it is hard and doesn’t twist except at the end when reaching the ground.
  • Drilling water by this method is not very expensive and as compared to those in the market and where the cost of drilling a well is very high.
  • This is the fastest and most convenient way of drilling and a drilling kit is available in the market which consists of all tools that you would need to drill a well.
  • All you need to make sure is the area where you want to drill the well and be prepared to put in a little effort.

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