What Makes Water Freeze

Water has three forms which are solid liquid and steam. Well we all would want to know as to what makes water freeze and how does it happen. It seems to be a simple explanation that water when frozen at a certain temperature turns to ice and at a high temperature turns to water and steam but the question here is how does all these changes take place.

How does water freeze

Water is made up of molecules and these molecules constantly keep moving. Now it so happens that when too much heat is given to them they move very fast and when it start cooling the molecules move very slowly. When water is further cooled the movement of water molecules is slowed to an extent that they stick to each other and form ice crystals.
Many times you would have noticed that water when kept in a glass, undisturbed is in the same form but when you place it on the gas it starts boiling because water molecules with high temperature (which is heat) move very fast and when it cools down the motion of the molecules slows to a great extend. Water placed in ice cubes is in liquid state and the molecules are free but when placed in the refrigerator it freezes because the water molecules bind together because of low temperature.
When water is frozen the molecules expand and at 36 degree F/2 degree C the space between the molecules becomes less as they start overlapping. Therefore just before freezing the volume gets bigger.

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