How To Stop Water Pollution

Water gets polluted very easily and there are a lot of water borne diseases that develop after drinking impure water. People still need to be aware of many diseases that develop with water and water contamination is the worst that can develop in water. This is the most common source of sickness.

How is water contaminated

Water can get polluted in many ways. River water is the major source of water in villages and other backward areas. There are villagers who make multiple use of river water. They wash their clothes, give bath to cows and buffaloes. People also bath in rivers and wash their clothes. In this way the water gets contaminated.
People in the village also use well water for cooking and drinking purpose. The underground water also gets polluted as a lot of them don’t use clean buckets to draw water and the well is left open for all the files, mosquitoes and other insects to dive into it. In this way it gives rise to bacteria and other viruses.
In towns because of industries, they dump the waste into rivers and lakes and people staying in apartments, the water is stored in tanks which is not washed for months and since the water remains stagnant for a long time, it also gives rise to bacteria.
People also dump their garbage in areas where the water is stagnant and since the garbage lies there for months it encourages viruses and parasites to grow.
Even the sea life is disturbed in the sea because of number of oil spills the marine life is destroyed and birds, fish and aquatic plants die.
Therefore the government has come up with means of educating farmers and other people of making the best use of water and how to keep it clean for other purposes. These are a few things that will prevent water pollutions to a large extent.

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