How to Stop Water pollution

Water pollution has always been a major concern since a long time but thanks to the latest technology, it has helped us go a long way by improving our health conditions. Water is the fastest way by which people fall sick as its very easy to catch diseases. Earlier people found it quite difficult to get clean drinking water and this was the major cause of deaths worldwide. There were many reasons by which water gets contaminated.

Reasons for Water Pollution

Industries play a major role in contaminating water. A lot of industrial that have their waste outlets towards the banks of rivers and other water bodies, they also dump the industrial waste into rivers. The toxic waste material and a lot of impurities gets dissolved in water and contaminates it. The water also remains stagnant for a long time encouraging the growth of bacteria and other viruses.
Other major reason is the oil spills in the sea. Whenever there has been an oil spill in the sea it has contaminated the water. This has resulted in deaths of aquatic life in the sea. Aquatic plants, animals and birds have not been able to survive because of this.
In many places more that 70% of people depend on ground water. This water gets easily polluted because a lot of sewage water gets mixed with ground water and after drinking this people have fallen sick with diseases like cholera, jaundice and problems like indigestion.
Its time people get aware and do something about it otherwise this would impact our future and affect everything else around the world. The infrastructure has to be revised and more advertisements, articles and general awareness should be brought to light to protect the water from getting further contaminated.

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