Controlling Iron in Drinking Water

Iron present in drinking water is the most common problem may people face other than hardness. It is commonly present in the ground waters of the United States. Iron being an important mineral in our diet, experts say the iron present in water is not good for health. This articles explains the ways to control iron in drinking water.

Iron is the third most abundant metal in the earth’s crust. Iron is an essential element in human nutrition. Depending on age, sex and physiological status, the daily iron intake ranges between 10-15mg/day. It also vary up on iron bioavailability.

Dissolved iron generally discolors water and give a metallic taste. Using this kind of water in making hot or cold beverages may result in black appearance and offensive taste. All the food cocked with iron-rich water will turn in to dark color and look unappetizing.

To know the level of iron present and the best solution possible water treatment is necessary. Once the results are positive and the percentage of iron is known then there are many solutions to control it

  • Clear water iron can be easily removed using a water softener
  • Use potassium peremanganate filter at the taps used for drinking and cooking water
  • Chlorinator with filtration can be used at the point, where the water comes through to your house
  • Electrocoagulation process is good for removing iron for the drinking water

If you still have the problem then, water treatment experts can help you with other industry level treatments.

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