Why doesn’t Oil Mix With Water

At some point of time in our lives we all wondered why doesn’t oil mix with water. We have seen oil in different forms with water. Oil floats on the surface of water when an oil tanker spill crude oil in the sea, then we also notice oil separates out when put as a dressing. So this is something that still puzzles us.

Features of Oil:

Oil is not soluble in water thus doesn’t get dissolved. Its a liquid that is slippery in nature and is combustible in nature which means burns easily. The main feature of oil is petroleum which is used as a fuel for vehicle and oil is also used for cooking purpose also and since oil is slippery in nature its used as a lubricant as it can make objects move easily.

Why doesn’t Oil Mix with Water:

Water is polar in nature which means that it has a positive and negative charge on either ends of it and they stick to each other whereas oil is a non polar in nature and it doesn’t have any charge. This is the reason why water molecules get more attracted to each other and oil molecules get attracted to each. In case if you want to forcibly dissolve oil and water together a mixture known as emulsifier has the ability to mix both these substances together. In this you will notice droplets of oil with water spread together.

Why does oil float:

Its quite simple when you compare two different substances like oil and water. You will notice oil denser than water. That is why animals in the sea are much warmer because they have oily coats and water slips from their fur. This keeps them warm even in cold weather.

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