Why Do Plants Need Water?

Water is the most important element in nature and all living beings like human beings, plants and animals depend on it for their survival. The marine life totally depend on water as it is their life. There are a number of reasons why do plants need water.


The minerals that are present in the soil, water acts as a solvent for the plants. In this the water dissolves the minerals that are present in the soil and the plant absorbs the water from the soil.


Water is transported by passing on the metabolic products from one part of the plant to another because its the only liquid that can transfer and go in different parts of the plant.


: This is a process by which green plants make their own food. In this the electron source of 6 molecules of water combine with 6 molecules of carbon and form oxygen and glucose which is the plant food and this process is called photosynthesis.


Water helps in evaporation from the surface of leaves by tiny pores that are present on them called stomata. Evaporation cools the plants during hot days which is very similar to respiration in our body. The roots of the plant also store water and during winters the movement of water becomes quite slow but plants continue to lose water because of the winds blowing. This helps the to store water but in case there is no water the plant starts to dry. Evaporation is important for the plant as it keeps the pores open for the intake of carbon dioxide.


: It is the pressure of water in plant cells which is important to maintain a balance. Water is required for the growth as it expands the cells.

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