How To Distill Water

Water is found in three forms which is solid, liquid and steam. These forms of water depend on the temperature its given. If water is cooled below 0 degrees it turns to ice and if its heated to 100 degrees it turns to steam. The process through which water changes its state from solid to liquid is called the boiling point.
Water distillation is very simple. In distillation impure water is heated. When the water vaporises it turns into steam and then the steam is then cooled. After its cooled it turns into water and this water is the purified form of water. Its important to understand how water is distilled.


When water is heated at a high temperature, it changes its form from liquid to gaseous state. Since contaminated water contains bacteria’s, metals and other impurities it gets evaporated into steam. Water after cooling from the gaseous state turns into liquid state and this forms pure water.

One can try a simple experiment at home as well. Take a glass flask which can resist heat and at the top of it put a stopper which is connected to a glass condenser. A condenser is a surface in which hot water when turned to steam cools and becomes liquid.

Attach another beaker to the end of the condenser

Therefore when you boil the water in the flask the water turns to steam and it passes through the condenser and then into the glass condenser. This is the form of water which is distilled and the process can be done again to get the purist form of water.

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