Who Invented The Electric Water Heater

Have we ever wondered who invented the electric water heater? I guess no because we really don’t bother as long as we get warm water. Earlier water was heated on the fire and there were also natural hot water springs where people could take advantage. Early in the 18th century a device was invented which didn’t heat the water directly but heated it from below.

Benjamin Maughan

an English man who invented the water heater. This device was quite dangerous and not everyone was comfortable using it.

Edwin Rudd

was a mechanical engineer who invented the electric water heater. The heater that he invented could store water while heating it. He had designed it in such a way where a huge tank could store water and the temperature could be regulated accordingly. The hot water would take time because there would be cold water running in the tank and the hot water would come out from the other end. Therefore many people could take the advantage of the electric water heater and use it.
Further there were other types of electric water heater that came into existences. It was the tank less water heater. In this the water heater doesn’t have a storage facility where the water is heated in volumes. The water passes through pipes and gets heated simultaneously. This is a better model than the regular storage device.
In cold countries people avoid using electric water heaters and prefer using solar water heaters. In this water gets heated by the sun’s energy and this has a storage facility as well. People prefer this to electric water heaters as its much safe and consumes no electricity.

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