Arsenic In Drinking Water

The mineral of Arsenic is present in water in those areas where the rocks of this mineral is profoundly found. Intake of water containing arsenic in huge quantity for a long duration of time results in severe ailments in the residents of that area.

Sources Of Arsenic In Water:

The sources of arsenic in water includes:

  • The mineral of Arsenic is widely distributed across the Earth’s surface. It gets dissolved in water when the rocks bearing it decompose and get dissolved in the underground water.
  • Sometimes erosion from the rocks also leads the arsenic in the water.
  • In few areas the effluents from the industries plays a major role in adding arsenic to the water of the surrounding areas.

Effects Of Arsenic On The Human Beings:

Arsenic is a very harmful element. Some of the major effects it can cause on the human health includes:

  • Intake of water having arsenic in huge quantity can result in acute poisoning. This kind kind of poisoning will yield the immediate symptoms like pain in the esophageal and abdominal area, vomiting, diarrhea which is very bad.
  • The symptoms and causes of arsenic vary in different individuals according to the region they reside in.
  • Long term exposure of arsenic through drinking water can result in cancer in the skin, urinary bladder, lungs, kidneys etc. The pigmentation in the skin. Thickening of the outer layer of the skin are all the symptoms to convey the effects of arsenic in water.
  • Exposure to arsenic for a long duration of time through water can sometimes cause severe harm to the blood vessels of the body. This damage can cause excessive harm to the hands or foot of body. This condition is known as ‘Black Foot Disease’.
  • If water carries arsenic in it then this element is absorbed in the skin also. Then while washing hands, clothes or doing some other with water can also harm the body and skin. Although the percentage of arsenic absorbed in such a manner is minimal.


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